Technical Support - Android Email Configuration

1.    Turn the Android ON.

2.    From the main screen, select the menu button (4 horizontal lines) on the device. Tap Settings.

3.    Tap Accounts & sync.

4.    Tap the Add Account and select Microsoft Exchange or Corporate Account button at the bottom of the screen.

5.    Enter your e-mail address and password, and then tap the Manual Setup button to get to the advanced settings.

If you get a warning tap ok to accept it


6.    The advanced settings screen will vary depending on the device manufacturer. Some have the domain name in a separate field, while others have it as part of the user name, i.e. domain\userID.

Enter all the settings as shown bellow as an example.

Email                 Your email address
Domain              vdhglobal
Username           your email address
Password            email password
Server address

7.    Enter all settings, and select the Use Secure Connection/SSL and accept all certificates check box. Tap the Next button.

If you get another warning tap OK

8.    For account options, the default settings are sufficient, but the customer may adjust the options to their preferred use. Tap the Next button.


9.    Name the account. Again, this is the customer's option. Tap the Done button.

10.  Setup is complete. This will also configure the synchronization of the calendar and contacts. Press Home Button

11.  On some Android devices you need to update security settings. You can do this from the home screen by tapping on the top part of the screen where the clock is and drag it down, and then Activate.



You can go to mail button and check your email.